What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

So what is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is an internet service that helps facilitate web making and design. Additionally, you can host websites for yourself and/or for your clients. With one account in Melrose Domains you can manage one or multiple websites. Upgrades for your plan are available as needed for your growing web hosting business needs.

There are many different Hosting Services available for people to publish their sites on the internet. Melrose Domains is a great choice when picking hosting providers.

Great Features!

The best thing about Melrose Domains is the 24/7 phone support for help with general sales, billing or hosting. Another useful feature is the Microsoft 365 Email plan which allows purchasing an email plan to your domain name in the same place. Also, another great add on everyone should consider getting is the Website Backups. Website backups are life savers! If your site crashes, you can lose all of your hard work. Under those circumstances, these backups save the files everyday, just load a file from the day before and recover your website in no time! Lastly, remember to get the Website Security plan to protect the sites from hackers.

Melrose Domains isn’t the average hosting service. For example, you actually have the freedom to choose from different servers to work with like cPanel or Plesk, install WordPress or another CMS to build your site in. Then, once installed, you can further proceed to install the building tools or themes you’d like.

Don’t like templates?
First thing to remember is that you can make your websites from scratch. Just a blank page and you. Sky’s the limit.

Need some help getting ideas?
You can look through templates and install whichever one speaks to you the most. Once the theme is installed, you can personalize it. Insert your own pictures, quotes and links to anything you can imagine.