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How do I search for a Domains availability?

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Searching for the availability of a domain is easy. Try the link above or click here to search domains perfect for your needs. Make an account and register the domain under your name. 

There are many alternative options you can pick from if the domain extension “.com” is taken. Melrose Studios will assist in any help you search domains and claim your website.

Buying the domain name should be a top priority if you are looking to buy these tools at a pace. If the domain name shows available, that means it’s available to anyone in the world who would like to buy it. Once you buy the domain, it goes into a “parked” status until you are ready to get the hosting.

I bought the domain.. now what?

Congratulations! You’ve bought your first domain name. The next step is purchasing the hosting plan. There are many different plans to choose from, some very economical for the simpler starter sites. Login to your Melrose Domains account in which you purchased the domain name, and purchase a hosting plan.