Domain Upcharges

domain upcharges


Did that domain purchase seem too good to believe?

Domain upcharges can fool anyone. For this reason it is important to read all of the details of what you are purchasing before going through with it. Some sentences end with a (*) symbol. That symbol means there is a note for that part of the agreement. The description of each symbol can usually be read at the bottom of the page. Most registry places sell domain names dirt cheap the first time. This is because they plan to recover the money when the domain renews after the year. It is so absurd. There is no way around these renewal fees.

Luckily, Melrose Domains let’s you know the original purchase price as well as the renewal, there is no temporary price. Most simple domains start at $16.99. Although, the more complex the domain name is, the more the original purchase price increases. This price is calculated by Melrose Domains and it’s usually the same price every year from when it was originally purchased.

Domain name protection

There are also protection plans available for purchase with each domain name. Furthermore, these plans help make sure your domain name stays safe and secure in your account. For example, if you accidentally forget to renew your domain name, the protection plan will still allow you to renew it, several days after the expiration date. As a result, it gives you a peace of mind in case you forget to hit the auto-renewal. 

Our Hosting Plans do not upcharge either!

The hosting plans are also very affordable with Melrose Domains and at better rates than the competition. There are different hosting plans available depending on your needs. One of my favorites is the Business hosting plan. This plan hosts and includes SSL certificates for all of your sites at no extra cost. Having an SSL Certificate is crucial now a days.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is the lock icon you see in the browser bar. Individual SSL Certificates can be purchased if you only have one website. If you are planning on running multiple sites in your account, I recommend picking a hosting plan that accommodates as many SSL certificates as you need at no extra cost. That makes things more economical for you and your business needs.

Host with Melrose Domains

Are you consider transferring your domains and hosting plans to Melrose Domains?

A year is credited to you on top of the current plan you choose. This way you don’t loose what you already paid for. Also, most transfers also start at $16.99. You can transfer multiple domain names at once and pay for them with a Bulk Transfer

A domain release from the previous hosting service might be required. If this is the case, it will inform you so, but it is very simple to do. Steps and instructions are provided and easy to follow.

The domains transfers will begin after completing the payment. You can then log into your current registry and unlock the domains. An authorization code might be requested. When requesting these codes, you should beware of these “new” deals you will see offered. Most of the time they are not very good deals. You are going to request the domain to be transferred to Wild West. There is usually a waiting period for these authorization codes to be sent to the admin email. Once you’ve received these emails, you can finish the transfer in your Melrose Domains account. Simply go to Manage Domains and select Transfers from the drop down menu.

Now you are all set! You just saved tons of money avoiding these domain upcharges! Good for you. Recommend us to your friends!