10 Tips for Starting a Successful Website

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Want to start a website? Keep reading to find out the top 10 tips to get a successful website up and running.


1. Have Clear Goals

Firstly, set time aside to clearly define what the goals are for both you and your audience. Concurrently, these goals need to align. Basically, if they don’t, you’ll most likely end up in a situation where your audience will expect something you are not able to provide.

Moreover, you must ensure that your goals are clear to your audience. Also, you should ensure your audience understands why they should be invested in your brand.

2.Stand Out

All things considered, the internet tends to be oversaturated with countless websites covering the same topic. All in all, it is important that you aim to stand out from competitors. 

Another key point is to give your audience a story that connects them to your brand. Furthermore, you need to create a bond to stand out from the crowd. Generally, this can often be done simply by personalizing the images, design, and style of your website.

3. Earn Trust

While you need to give your audience a reason to trust you, you also want to be as transparent as possible. Understand what motivates your audience and build off of that connection. Users want to know who they are conducting business with. You can garner trust by having a strong “About Us” page. 

4. Curate a Clean Design

If the website design is too complicated, your audience retention will be low. While your design can be stylized, make sure it is easy to navigate. If the website is too cluttered, it can discourage users from investing in your brand. Many people forget the power of aesthetics. Have a design that audiences will associate with your brand.

5. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure your website shows up at the top of major search engines, such as Google. You could have the best website, but if people can’t find it, it’s useless.

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6. Prioritize User Experience

Don’t assume users know where to find your main content. Make it clear and obvious for users. 

For example, if you sell products on your webpage, make sure users can get to products with as few clicks as possible. Value users time, and make it as easy for them to navigate as possible. 

7. Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are great ways to guarantee conversions. The most common type of landing page is a lead capture page. It is used to capture a users contact information, such as an email address, in exchange for some offer, such as a discount. 

8. Utilize Google Analytics

Not only can you install Google Analytics on your site but also use it to better understand how your site is performing. Correspondingly, it will give you useful information, such as the demographic of your audience. In general, you can use this tool to see what is working and what is not. This way you are better able to adapt to fit your desired outcome. 

9. Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

You must have a responsive mobile site for your website to reach its full potential. We use our phones every day, thus it is of utmost importance that we have a mobile website that is just as effective as our “main” site. If your mobile website is difficult to navigate, you will loose readers quickly. 

10. Have a Call to Action

Make sure each page on your website calls your audience to action. These can be tasks such as signing up for a service, joining a newsletter, or buying a product. Make the invite easy to navigate and encourage users to actively engage with your website. Use clear verbiage to really entice your audience to take action.


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