What Is A Domain Name?

A Domain Name is simply your websites name.

On the internet, it acts as an identification string. This string helps define the authority and control. Your domain name should be something similar to the business you are trying to create. 

Our domain name is www.MelroseDomains.net

what is a domain

You can also find us as www.MelroseDomains.com

Don’t let anything get in the way of purchasing the perfect name for your website to match your business. Search for the perfect website name here.

Is the name you want unavailable?
Try different TLD extensions.
TLD stands for top-level domain. It is what comes after the dot of your domain name. It’s not just “.com” anymore! There are now endless ways to customize your site and accommodate it to fit your style. Your website name can end with “.me” or “.live” 

Is it an informational site? end it with “.info”

Is it a personal site? What about ending it in “.life” or “.blog”

Even if you already chose your web name, you can create different landing pages with different subdomains and TLDs.

The following examples are the most popular TLDs that are currently in use:

  • .com: commercial
  • .org: non-profit organization
  • .gov: government
  • .net: network resources
  • .edu: education

There is no limit on domain purchases, you can buy as many names as you would like. With a upgraded hosting plan, you can also host as many web domains as you want. Then, you can get the email plan to match. Send emails from your new business domain, set up different alias and organize your business communications. Have all the booking request sent to booking@”yourdomainname“.com or information requests at info@”___”.com