How To Build Your First Website

To build a website for the first time, there are a few things one should consider. What name to use, how large the site will be, how much security will they need. Below I’ve listed a few things to help research these things.

The domain name is the first thing you want to secure. This is because anyone can buy any domain name that is available on the web. Make the domain name purchase a priority! This ensures you secure the name of the website before it gets taken off the market. Let’s say someone overhears you planning to use this name & they go buy it before you get the chance! That would be awful, domain name purchases are good for a year but you can pay it off for as many years as you’d like. After it’s bought, it’s ready to be used.

Domain Name

A Domain Name is what your website will be called. The domain needs to be purchased and registered to you before it can be used. The price is annually, but you can secure it for a few years if you want. First, start by searching the name you want. Next, the results will show if the domain name is available and suggest further options to consider. Search for your perfect domain name here.

Hosting Service

A Hosting Service can be found with us! Melrose Domains is a hosting service that will allow you to publish the website online, fast and simple. In short, a good hosting service ensures your website is running smoothly and efficiently. Create an account now!

Server Management Technology

A Server Management Technology is purchased to ensure the servers are operating at peak performance. It is used to build a secure environment for anyone to host many websites. Moreover, a recommended server that works well with WordPress is cPanel. Additionally, there are alternatives like Plesk, each offers different things but can handle similar tasks.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is piece of code that gets added to the website and it lets the users know their data is safe. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is optional, but is something you want to purchase if you want your website to run it’s best performance on the web. In conclusion, search engines like Google flag sites as “not safe” if they’re missing certain things, one being an SSL Certificate. Get your SSL Certificate here.

Content Management System

A Content Management System is how you choose to build the site, whether it is with WordPress (also offered with Melrose Domains) or Joomla. Installing a CMS will help you manage your content and build your website without having to learn to code HTML or Java.


Finally, a CMS is recommended to get for building the first website because learning to code is basically teaching yourself a new language. If you make even one tiny mistake, it can mess up the whole page. The hard part is finding which piece of code is broken. With a CMS like WordPress, you can install different building tools, depending on the functionalities you need.