Where Should I Host My Website?

where should i hosting my website

Where Should I Host My Website?

Many people ask themselves:

“What hosting service should I use?”, “What is the best hosting service?”, “What is a hosting plan?”

The anwer varies with the type of website you need to create. Simple websites can be hosted with services that may be free but very restrictive. More complex sites definitely need a strong service to back them up. The bigger the site, the more protection it needs. You should host your website with a provider that can offer all of the protection and back ups you need. Melrose Domains offers protection plans that will help restore websites in case of any sudden mishaps.

The most economical plan offered through Melrose Domains for a simple site is $2.49 a month. Even if you can’t go all out in the beginning, you can work up to it and upgrade the plan later if needed. I recommend the purchase of cPanel, once installed, you get to install the CMS of your choosing for free. There’s always different add-ons to consider, but you need to be careful before installing a bunch of different things in the backend, remember there’s still risks of crashing.

The thought of your website crashing after all of the hard work you put into it is unbearable. There is no way anyone should put so much effort into something that can be potentially wiped in an instant. Luckily, there are add-on services in Melrose Domains to help you back-up and restore your site to the last moment it was working. Check out the website backup plans here.