Why Is My Website Toxic?

why is my website toxic

Recently discovered my website comes up as a toxic backlink. I didn’t know why until further research.


Did you pop up as a toxic backlink?

Ouch. No one wants to be a toxic backlink. Every website owner should always aim to have a healthy website. There are ways to set up websites so that they do not return as toxic. For instance, there are free helpful plugins that can be installed, such as, Yoast SEO tools. This tool gives you guidelines that are easy to follow and you can fix the issues that make your site seem toxic. If you do not want to install any plugins, there are websites like smallseotools.com that help check your sites stats.

How can I make my website less toxic?

Bots are a website’s worst nightmare. Firstly, information from websites is scanned by bots. Then, it categorizes what your pages are about. If the content is relevant and matches search inquiries from the users then the search engine will recommend your website as an option. There is a checklist to follow for the best results. If there is no writing on your site, it might issue a warning. When the pictures attached on the page have no alt text, it will let you know that is needed. Also, if your links don’t have a descriptive anchor text, it might issue a warning. There are different levels of errors to consider. 

The highest level of severity is called an error. The medium level of severity is called a warning. Lastly, the lowest level of severity is called notices. Notices are not necessarily errors or cause too much damage to a site’s score but they should be taken care of when possible. The healthier a site is, the better it’ll rank on the internet. Furthermore, other sites will want to use your site as a backlink to help improve their presence on the internet. This is also helpful to you because when the bots crawl their site for information, they’ll crawl your site in extension. Although, this can also be dangerous. If a toxic website links your domain, search engines might associate you with them. 

How do I remove my website from toxic websites that link my domain?

The first thing you should try to remove yourself from these toxic sites is to reach out to the website admin. Kindly ask them to remove your domain link from their site. If there is no way of contacting the website admin, there are further steps you can take. Google, for example, has helpful features that help you protect yourself from things out of your control. Disavow lists can be created and submitted to Google for review. Once you submit the list, Google will disassociate your website from all of the sites you listed. Even though it takes a while, it is worth taking the time to fix. Remember to only add to the list and resend to Google, they only accept 1 disavow list at a time. If you submit only the new sites, the previous sites submitted won’t be disavowed anymore.